Working in Collaboration

I’ve been able to reach out to Eric Soaki to help narrate the work. He’s an accomplished Poet and Kava connoisseur. I had a zoom call with him where we discussed my intentions with the final work, so we can be on the same page. I want to use his narration to guide the animation and muscle a lot of the story telling. He was also able to provide some more content for inspiration:

We talked about the rhythm of the narration and using this YouTube clip as a example for rhythm.

I’ve finally set the plot of the animation, it was definitely time to nail that down and really get going with finishing the work.

The plan for it utilises the current animation that I’ve already created which is easier on my work load.

A link to a prototype of the heartbeat Intro.

one the sections of the animation will visual inspired by Ngatu Tapa designs, I’m gonna to compile a folder of samples and discuss the designs with the my sister who is a Tatau artist.

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I’ve played around with some audio on top of the work I’ve already created.