Where to next?

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Well, I've done my Diorama of the Deities, where to next? Now that I can see these objects in a better light I can more easily abstract them and start actually make art.

I'm thinking of two ones of materiality:

#1 Resin and Stone laying

I would like to continue with this one but switch it up a lil to make it more affordable. I wanna do ice and resin and do stacking with moulds I find a the store. The stacking will make the silhouette of the Deities.

I want to continue putting things into the moulds like my previous ice moulds. I want to compare ice and resin moulding, in terms of exhibiting.

#2 Embodyment and Adornment

I recently collaborated on a ballroom look and it was so fun and different. I wanna work in bit more on wearable art, adornment and the idea of embodying gods.

I've found Worbla, which is affordable and will be fun to work with. I just need a heat torch to mould it.

Wolrbla website:

I've been watching a cool Netflix series about clothing, which has been amping me up to make more adornment: