Had my weekly supervisor meeting, we figured out a realistic timeline for all the things that need to be completed. Mapping everything is making it feel more manageable.

By the next meeting I gotta finish every line drawing frame for each video. E.g:

Once that’s all set up you‘ll be able to see the full story more clearly. Then I’ll start filling the frame with colour and form. E.g:

There was an interesting point made that the frames that aren’t fully completed lend the reading of the work towards a sort of ”primitivism”, (example below) which I’m not sure how I feel about. I think I’ll make a decision on that option a little further down the line.

Or possibly replace that “look” with more Tapa inspired drawings to wink back at traditional aesthetic.

Tui Emma Gillies has an interesting, fresh aesthetic with painting on Tapa. I could draw like this (a bit more stripped back), on the animation.


For the “god creating the mortal world scenes” that Maui and Tangaloa will be doing I wanna copy the anime style of transforming. E.g:


Salior Moon References:


I want to model Maui and Tangaloa’s transformation after the sailor moon physical transformation. For Hikuleo I want to model her frames after Avatar the last airbenders “Avatar state” (shown below). Her role is more spiritual and the salior moon sequence won’t really fit, visually.

Examples of the “avatar state”:


Example of collaging photos into an animated scene:

Added Character Look:

Taufulifonua: Hikule’o’s, Maui’s and Tangaloa‘s dad.

Update on work

here’s the sketch’s of the frames for the three individual works. There’s a few scenes I didn’t complete but I’m pretty happy with the progress

Maui: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13Jzz7TykOhQOgBHLaR8cIJpYF7sH1Fac/view?usp=drivesdk