surrealism in film

I recently went to see the Surrealism exhibition currently on at Te Papa. I was super inspired by the imagery and theories. It had me thinking about the correlation of my interests in both Dali and my practice of story telling. I want to toy with these similarities and use some to my advantage while filming. I would also like to tease out these ideas through my contextual practice.

Word Vomit:

Dada >>> Divine Rage

Surrealism >>> Blood Memories









There's a huge connection there, I just need read through it a bit more and flesh out the wording

"In his 2006 book Surrealism and Cinema, Michael Richardson argues that surrealist works cannot be defined by style or form, but rather as results of the practice of surrealism. Richardson writes: "Within popular conceptions, surrealism is misunderstood in many different ways, some of which contradict others, but all of these misunderstandings are founded in the fact that they seek to reduce surrealism to a style or a thing in itself rather than being prepared to see it as an activity with broadening horizons. Many critics fail to recognize the distinctive qualities that make up the surrealist attitude. They seek something – a theme, a particular type of imagery, certain concepts – they can identify as 'surrealist' in order to provide a criterion of judgement by which a film or artwork can be appraised. The problem is that this goes against the very essence of surrealism, which refuses to be here but is always elsewhere. It is not a thing but a relation between things and therefore needs to be treated as a whole.[7]Surrealists are not concerned with conjuring up some magic world that can be defined as 'surreal'. Their interest is almost exclusively in exploring the conjunctions, the points of contact, between different realms of existence. Surrealism is always about departures rather than arrivals."

Don't murder me but I got this quote from Wikipedia. It's close to what I'm thinking about but I'll keep searching. The next step is to watch some surrealist movies and figure out what techniques I could use.

I came across the Dali x Disney collaboration a few years back which had a huge effect omg me.

After rewatching it, I really enjoyed the flow state that it kinda had on my while I was viewing. When thinking back to my research of the Tongan Creation story I feel like the first half is told in that way and could portrayed in that way in my work.

Film Research:

To Do:

- research surrealist film

- story board the Tongan creation story

- read theory on surrealism