Supervision feedback & What next?

  • the style is fine, the timing is the really important aspect that needs to be worked out. With the work I’ve already created there needs to be more space for audiences to digest the work. The work also needs more rhythm.

  • moving forward I’ll be scraping the idea to create the whole creation story and just focusing on the three main gods

  • looping the end to the beginning to manipulate understanding of time

  • Introducing Heiliaki as a form of humour and breaking the 4th wall within the work

  • Unsaid acclumilated authority Loosening of authorities

  • Shakespearean solilouqy

To Do

  • sort out storyline of each video

  • start draft for Exergesis Summary

  • Draft exhibition statement

  • set up realistic timelines and soft due dates to keep on track for EOY



Emperor’s New Groove

This animated movie is a really good example of how i can add Heiliaki and breaking the 4th wall. The film starts in the middle of the plot line then the main character comes in and narrates from the start and inserts his own opinion into the storyline. The movie feels like a wink from the animators, theres plot holes they cover up with humour.

Shakespearean solilouqy

A soliloquy is a monologue spoken by a theatrical character which expresses the character's inner thoughts and emotions. Soliloquies may be written in common prose, but the most famous soliloquies—including those by Hamlet and countless other William Shakespeare characters—are written in poetic verse.