Sound, Writing and Artist Talks

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

I’ve played around with some audio on top of the work I’ve already created.

Adding the music is really helping me put together the ”full picture“ of the final work. Its making it feel more professional and higher quality when added to the sketched frames. It’s reassuring. It still needs a lot of work but I’m on my way.


Exergesis Summary Draft:


Artist Talk Rosanna Raymond

I was able to catch an artist talk from Rosanna Raymond online and it was super helpful for my current project and decision with the work

I took a poor screen recording of the session for future reference:

Rosanna’s Lecture Notes

“Profound listening” in regards to the Va.

“The mantle of the Digital Va”


- CulTavate >>> research

- To make deliberate consutation

- Answerable to your community

- FABRICATE, to create, install

- Activate, open the space to friends, create space of connection and cohesion, maanakitanga, Va body to activate the mauri. Activate and deactivate. Make sure the Va is tended to and put away properly.

Hyperactive space = Va

To rival, to have space. Oral and experiential context. Va in an urban context. Albert Wendt 1999, tatauing the body. A poress boundary between the ancestor and the world.




  1. relating to the making of a myth or myths.

o relating to or denoting a movement for men that uses activities such as storytelling and poetry reading as a means of self-understanding.

They live through me and I live through them. Repriviging the indigenous.

Lonely, needed us to be reinvigorated. Museums are dangerous spaces because they tell our stories. Moana Jackson. Reweave the stories together

Decisions for the work after hearing the artist talk

- one video. Separating them into their own videos doesn’t feel right and their stories are intertwined.

- the video should start minimal with the sketched frames and music and slowly build to the end being fully filled frames and complicated music. I wanna mimic the creation by adding more elements as the moving image moves through the duration.


I think I need to make a soundscape and then draw to it. The drawing and soundscape making feels like they spur each other on.