References and what’s next

Updated: Sep 4, 2021


artist unknown


Rangituhia Hollis

Kei Mate Mangopare (2012)(Final Video)

This work flips the binary of ocean and sky, the audio eases the viewer into the strange imagery. I love the light refraction makes it look like your under the sharks under the sea. I really love this work, could be good reference for the opening scene.

Troy Kingi

His new visual album is a trip.

Data Sovereignty from a Māori Perspectiveāori+Data+Sovereignty+Prin With this I can start thinking about accessibility, modes of delivery for the work. i’m slightly concerned about the standard gallery hang and what that does for the work. Right now the work reads as a children’s book due to the style of drawing which is a double edged sword. It’s accessible to general public but may not be seen as valid in an art world sense. Within my lit review I talk about accessibility with the art world as a deterrent. I see it as an imperial thing.

People like Shawnee Tekii creates digital work that plays with accessibility via technology

Her content is quite colourful on the surface but the QR code’s would link to content around Nz’s history with racism and “fake news”

Pop culture References

These two films (The Lost City of Atlantis and The Prince of Egypt) are really helpful, they have aspect of mythical story telling. its a good foundation to start on for depicting fantastical scenes.

Bob’s Burgers Season 8 Episode 1

For the 130th episode the creators employed multiple different animators to draw one scene each. It made the episode really fun to watch and helped you think about the characters in a different multidimensional way.


To Do List for the next meeting:

  • story board overall plot

  • Experiment with sound. Voiceover, sound effects

  • Blog about research into animation

  • Test out different styles of drawing and smoother transitions

  • More abstract frames to save time but also give the audio more intensity