point chev beach trip

I needed a beach trip to figure out shots and the storyline. While I was there I listened to the Tonga Legends podcast, the episode about the Creation story. It was way easier to go along with the story telling when being at the beach. I took photos and I was able to see the first few scenes of the story in my mind.

The first few scenes will be easy to shoot, I won't need any people to act for me. The scenes are more nature based, then when the sets of twins come thru I can add people.

Storyboarding after my beach trip

The next thing to do is to film all these things and edit them together to see how they will work. Slowly chip away at the ideas. I think Point chev beach is an accessible place for me to shoot.

With my beach trip, I also realised that I would like a custom, immersive install for the final work.

I was thinking I could edit the movie to move from the ceiling screen to the wall to the floor. Add to ideas and feelings of the Vā.

I've been filming things on my phone, once I've done all my testing and experiments and figured out what I want, I'll hire a camera out from Yoon and start filming seriously.


Also an interesting view on soundscapes from Salvador Brown, his work is showing in group show Moana Wai Wai, Moana Pati at Tautai on K Road:


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