New Story Boards

With the new direction the first step is to plan out the narrative with story boards:

(The storyboard videos are 1 frame per second, you will need to pause often)

Hikuleo Story Board

Tangaloa Story Board

Maui Story Board

After getting those done, I’m going to start doing line drawing sketches for each frame. To cut down on time, the middle section of each of the videos is the same (The scene where Hik gets tied to Pulotu, which is 50% completed). With that in mind, the install can cater to this approach. I’m thinking putting these three videos in the same room, playing at the same time. And time it correctly that all three videos play the same scene at the same time then divert into the their individual story lines

Working titles:

Tala-E-Fonua: HIKULE’O (Reclaimed)

Tala-E-Fonua: TANGALOA (Reclaimed)

Tala-E-Fonua: MAUI (Reclaimed)

Putting in a disclaimer is really important to me too, just to make sure viewers are aware that I’ve taken creative license. Eg. “Based on / Inspired by true events" Probably something more specific than that.