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"Taumoefolau and colleagues (2004: 249) translated a composition written by the Queen in 1966 which included a reference to the palā tavake alluding to the way in which two sister schools (Pilolevu College in Ha‘apai and Siuilikutapu in Vava‘u) play supporting roles in strengthening Queen Sālote College in Tongatapu. The reference alludes to Hikule‘o and Faimālie, two Tongan goddesses, who work together, thus laying the foundation for the Tu‘i Tonga title, the palā tavake metaphorically referring to the Tu‘i Tonga. This layering of meanings through heliaki may also allude to the ancestryof Queen Sālote: Ke fataki nima he ‘aho koē It was because they held hands in those days Tu‘u ai e palātavake. That the palātavake stands today."

- Journal of Polynesian Society, Vol 126. Dec 2017, Page 10


- Super important to notice that Queen Sālote was influenced by Tongan cosmology, she was a well loved Queen.

- Research goddess Faimālie

- Research Queen Sālote a bit more, more specifically the divine chieftainship prerequisites."she also had blood rank through Tonga’s ancient and divine chieftainship"

"As previously mentioned, in Tonga tropicbird feathers were more generally associated with the Tu‘i Tonga’s title, symbolising the illustrious and divine origin of the title and titleholders. The first Tu‘i Tonga is said to be the son of the god Tangaloa ‘Eitumatupu‘a. ‘Eitumatupu‘a is said to have descended from the heavens to Tonga and impregnated a local woman, ‘Ilaheva, also called Va‘epopua. Their son was ‘Aho‘eitu. When ‘Aho‘eitu came of age, he journeyed to the heavens to find his father and was given the title Tu‘i Tonga and the authority to rule the islands of Tonga. This descent from divine ancestors promulgated honour and authority to the titleholder and his close relatives. It is, by far, the oldest and highest-ranking of Tonga’s three great historical titles: Tu‘i Tonga, Tu‘i Ha‘atakalaua and Tu‘i Kanokupolu."

- Same journal, page 12.


- I don't think I'm going to focus on this information (it's a bit off topic) but still useful to know in general.

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