ice & clay exploration

Grape vines (no specific reason, just found in my backyard) front, back and side view

Paper mulberry tree leaf, paper mulberry tree bark used for making tapa. Front, back and side view

Red feather, used on Tongan regalia to show wealth, top back and side view. I really like this space.

Bone, side and top view

Shells. Front, back and side view.

Random soil. front and back view.

Black back drop. really effective.

Black back drop with green lighting. In person it made the ice look neon, I found it really effective. and one point the ice snapped and it looked really interesting as well.



I really like this idea and I want to pursue it further, I really enjoy the oval shaped containers. When I finally make the silicone mould I'm keen to make more ice sculptures.


Update on the clay Hikule'o sculpture:

I kinda gave up on this one, it's too big. I just let it dry. I'm going to try a small one, to make it cheaper to make it into a silicone mould, use resin, ice sculpture etc. It was a good experiment.

Moving forward I need to read a lot more things, because I'm kinda blind if I don't have any evidence to back up my materials that I'm using.

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