how they should be displayed

I'm feeling a little lost with the studio practice, pourable silicone is either super expensive or hard to find. So I've been thinking of other ways to flesh out these ideas without being too serious or spending too much mulah.

I've been thinking about Lisa Reihana's work of depicting Maori cosmology and or mythology. Work is quite 'simple' when you first see it, but the power of her work is that there isn't any need to imagine these stories from a Maori perspective because the imagery is given to you on a silver platter. No mental strain needed.

Lisa Reihana, Ihi, Aotea Square 2019. Depicts a version of the creation story in Te Ao Maori.

I'm having a hard time trying to make work because I'm working within the context they are currently living in (Museum context being robbed from their rightful owners). I think I need to take the lead from Lisa Reihana and dial it back to first depict their stories then see where it takes me.

I picked up this kids solar system from look sharp and put it together with my first Hikule'o figure to expand it's context. I want to continue this diorama kinda of context just to help reimagine these objects then continue creating from there. I want to try do Maui, Tangaloa, Hina etc. Or possibly just do a set up of one Gods' story and display different huge events in their life.

I was talking to Christina about this reimagining and she showed me the W.E.I.R.D theory.

"WEIRD, an acronym for "Western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic", cultural identifier of psychology test subjects."

I've written out a quote to look at while I'm making things to readjust the lense I'm looking at things with.

I think I should make own acronym to aid my art making process. Ta and Va should definitely be apart of it. I'll workshop it, I'm not 100% educated in my Polynesian culture but it can't hurt to think up an acronym for my own personal uses.

I'm making another figure, I already notice a better, cleaner approach to the clay.