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Updated: May 30, 2021

I feel like I needed to be in a dark room (the Vā) so I could start figuring out what to do now. I'm getting anxious with trying to figure out the end of year theatre idea so I'm just focusing on the mid year. I want to practice the set design with the sculptures I've already made. The main focus is giving these objects more depth than the museum.


Plans for set design for end of year:


Tangaloa "Eiki

Havea Hikule'o



Saw this window display on K Road, interesting idea

I bought a projector light, it's pretty effective:


This is the light under some cotton balls, I want to use this for Tangaloa: God of the Sky.

Maybe make a plinth with the cotton balls and light it up from within: (A mock up I made in Procreate below)

I've been testing out the audio I could put with the objects as well. Been trying old audio I've made for my moving image works, I definitely need to make new audio for it. It might fuel the poetry stuff for next semester and the final show work.

I'll need to make better versions of the sculptures I've already made.


Prep for crit

It's super important for me to show the installation work. It's also important that I don't do a cold reading. I did the cold reading last critique and it wasn't helpful. I also want to print out my set designs and costume designs to see if the think I could add more to the set up of mid year to aid the making and decisions for end for year.

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