Diorama of the gods

Update on my studio practice :) and reasoning for artistic choices.

This exercise has been helping me put all their stories in order and re-imagining these objects and stories. It's definitely not exhibition quality or even something I want to exhibit but it's just for me to start with. Physically moving these objects has been lots of fun.

The placements aren't perfect. I've placed Puluto (the afterworld) in the placement of western hell, which is usually referred to as below the world of mortality. But I'm not too sure where to put it just yet. I still need to add a few more details and make a Maui sculpture.

<<< This my version of Tangaloa. He's the overall creator. He has a wood workshop in the Langi (sky) . He was the first tui'tonga (King of Tonga) hence the crown.

All tui'tonga can trace their bloodline back to Tangaloa. He used an axe for his wood work and he liked spear hunting. I put him next to the solar system display too, to show he's one of the overall creators and Gods.

<<<<This is Hina. Goddess of the Moon, Tapa making and shark hunting (I still need to add a shark and also paint her. she was still drying while I took this pic.) Tapa is a women's job. And they wear flowers in their hair to celebrate. Underneath Hina is an Eel which connects to a story of her where she fell in love with a man who shapeshifted into an Eel.

<<< This is Maui's space. I still gotta make his sculpture but the set up is pretty much done. The is the God of cultivating crops, like spear hunting, and navigation.

<<<< Maui is a fisherman. He fished up the Tonga islands (also Aotearoa in Maori cosmology)

< I added this bit too. the red rope links back to Tangaloa's section of the diorama and talks about the King blood line. The brown material links back to Hina's section, symbolising Hina's tapa.

This part shows what humans use from the Gods.

<<< This is Hikule'o she is Tangaloa and Maui's sister and the golden child. Her brothers got really jealous of her and tied her up and bound her to Pulotu. There she waits to be untied. When she is finally freed she will burn the world down.

Pulotu is the afterworld where the ancestors go. It is the home of Music, art, poetry, dance etc. Pulotu is also a physical place.

From all this I might make a lil short video, narrating these dioramas.


Preparing for my Crit

I wanna show this for my Crit. I was thinking about the way in which I want my cart to be formatted.

I want to do a cold reading and I want to tell them to touch the objects. I might employ a talanoa structure. Where we all are sitting on the ground in a circle, shoes off. When looking at these originals objects in museums, I was thinking about how angry I get when people touch these objects. They are already stolen objects, random people grabbing at these Atua just pours salt in the wounds. I'm very protective.

So I would like to see how I feel when people touch the objects I make when I have reclaimed them and I'm telling their stories correctly.