Coffee with Elyssia

I was able to pick Elyssia's brain about my idea and find a realistic way to navigate production, funding and working with other artists.


Idea - Theatre production about The Tongan Creation story. - At the moment I only have plans for monologues from three gods Tangaloa, Maui and Hikule’o. - If I feel like I’ve covered the monologues, I’ll extend it to the whole creation story - I’ll make the outfits and set design Questions for Elyssia - how much should I pay the actors - Workshopping characters - Funding? - Possible venues (basement) - Ask for general advice - Writing advice - Base line cost for workshop Baseline for performance funding Clear idea af It. Funding. What are you going to dowith the money when get you the idea ~ Doesn't have to Co uncilfunding has to be free capacity building foundation m north Rule funding sponsorship red bull easy to work with can't offer money but offers equipment sponsorship is usually support in the form of stuff This financial is closed for CNZ new announcement coming this friday Minimum of $25 an hour Build budget first and then add ideas, what is the real cost of this. And break down into proposal. Trying to create sustainable pathways with artists


The grants are closed for the financial year but they'll be another announcement on Friday.