artist talks & Crits

We had our crits today with the guest speakers which was extremely helpful. I felt as though doing a crit on my mid year work wasn't going to be helpful. That installation isn't what I want to continue on with and I felt that putting it in front of people while talking about my future (currently hypothetic) ideas, they would just focus on the literal objects that were currently in front of me.

Ayesha's practice correlates with mine quite (in terms of identity) a bit so I didn't want to waste the opportunity to have her input no matter how hypothetic the situation is. There was also the option to show some old moving image works, but I don't think that would be a good either. We ended up having just a sit down discussion, me verbalising my ideas, talking it through.


Things to check out:

- afro futurism, afro sci-fi short stories

- Life of PI has a distinct way of storytelling that may be really useful for me

- William Gibson as an artist model

- Possibly discuss the politics of Faka-Tonga with Hulita

- living archive

- repository of knowledge bases

I was talking about including aspects of surrealism but the feedback was that that won't be the right direction. I need to steer more towards futurism and sci-fi. The discussion turned into more of a motivational huddle to be completely honest, but I think that's what I needed (haha).

I was able to bounce some concerns off the group. I'm really concerned about the differing versions of The Tongan creation story and for lack of better words the "Chinese whispers" of the different versions. There was a discussion about what is truth and "fake news" and the theory of tala-e-fonua where the poetic way a story is told provides an inference into the truth.

Moving forward I think it'll be a good exercise to portray all the versions. There was also discussions of just focusing on one scene. I think to monopolise on the current flow I've got to set up a rigid timeline of experimentation >>>> assess the experiment >>> Hone in on success >>> Crit with others >>>> tweak then exhibit.


Artist Talk Notes

(this is all word vomit, it might only make sense to me)

Richard Orjis

- Queer Ecology

- Ecology = The study of the house

- A queer stance is always a counter stance

- Complexifying the ideas of colonisation

- Jack Hadilstan - Queer Failure

- "The hitman of colonisation" = Governor Grey

Ayesha Green

- Neo Colonialism

- Locate the power that comes out of the already existing material. "Find/Locate the power"

- Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities

-Superfical inclusion

- The "ordinary" is a political stance

- Levels of depiction